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At BC Hydro, we believe that creating energy conservation awareness among the next generation is one of the keys to energy sustainability for our province.

Our main objective is to educate and empower students to take action on energy use within their schools, homes and communities. The classroom resources used with FirstWave are developed by B.C. teachers for B.C. teachers and students, and are designed to encourage school communities to develop and foster a culture of energy conservation.

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Core features


Monday-morning-ready resources, lesson plans and activities

Specially created resources that feature activities and lesson plans for all grades provide you with everything you need to teach energy concepts, energy conservation and electrical safety to your students in an engaging, hands-on way.

Everything we offer is Monday-morning-ready, delivering curriculum outcomes, and it’s all designed to be taught how you want, when you want.

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lesson plans, resources and activities

FirstWave is your portal to BC Hydro’s school resources and programs. It allows you to choose and plan the lessons and activities within the resources we offer, track activities and access digital materials.

Best of all, using FirstWave will allow you to see the impact your teaching is having on our vision to keep British Columbia sustainable!

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education in B.C.

Use FirstWave to access and keep track of the BC Hydro school programs that you teach in order to earn water drops.

More importantly, at the end of each school year, all the water drops collected will help us enhance education development in safety, conservation or science, technology and innovation. Every drop counts.

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for students to take to save energy

FirstWave is not just for teachers! Your students will have their own login to the platform where they can play interactive educational games, create their own avatar and more.

Everything they do will allow them to contribute water drops to the class total as they take action, making British Columbia more sustainable.

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FirstWave offers you all this and much more