Engaging materials for every resource

All our classroom programs are supported with hands-on instructional resources and materials that keep learning about energy and conservation fun and interesting, no matter the age group.

Our materials are designed to be Monday-morning-ready, support the curriculum and are created by B.C. teachers for B.C. teachers.

Class sets of student materials are provided with each program and can be replenished every school year.

Our program kits contain everything needed to deliver the lessons. Each one is different but all include some of the following:

  • Teacher resource guide
  • Student handbooks or handouts
  • Black-line masters
  • Overheads or digital resources on DVD
  • Posters
  • Game cards
  • Circuitry kits (batteries, wires, bulbs, switches, etc.)

The dashboard

The dashboard is the centre of activity on FirstWave. It keeps track of lessons taught, resources downloaded, and most importantly, how many water drops have been collected towards the cause you're supporting.

Materials that meet your needs

FirstWave works with BC Hydro’s Monday-morning-ready resources and programs. It gives you the flexibility and tools to customize or adapt the lessons you’re teaching and create activities for your students.

FirstWave offers you all this and much more